Strawberry pudding and pretzel parfait

Heavenly Strawberry Parfait That’s Easy on the Waistline

Looking to lose weight without giving up your sweet tooth? This amazing tasting recipe hits the spot providing 27 grams of protein to help feed your lean muscle and 10 grams of fiber to make you feel full faster so you don’t over eat.

• 1 packet Thin & Healthy Very Vanilla with Fiber Pudding/Shake mix
• 6 ounces of fresh cut strawberries
• 1 package of protein pretzel twist

1. Mix pudding packet as directed on the side of the box
2. Grind up protein pretzels in a blender
3. Cut strawberries into ¼ slices
4. Layer pudding, strawberries, and pretzels until are ingredients have been used then ENJOY!!!


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