My Clothes are Falling Off of Me and Here is How I Did It…


Kenny Hurst

Age: 35

Occupation: Lead man on a Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Assembly Line

Before starting 20/30 I was around 390lbs. Had High blood pressure, high cholesterol and on the verge of diabetes. Lack of energy, couldn’t keep up with my kids. After completing the first 30 days I lost 45lbs and around 40″. The quality and amount of sleep greatly increased which increased my energy level. My clothes are falling off of me. I am able to keep up with my wife and kids. There is nothing I can honestly say that I dislike about this program. The people are great, you are part of a community of people who are on a similar journey and will help you along the way and vise versa.

The structure of the program is simple, stay on plan and take the supplements and drops and drink your water and you will see results, the pounds will drop. This program is a game changer and a life saver. For the skeptics…..I’ve been one but after looking at myself and seeing where I was and then looking at my family, I had to make a change or I wouldn’t be around for them much longer. If anyone doubts that this program works, look around! These are local people right here getting these results on a daily basis and more importantly, look in the mirror! You and your family are worth making a change, what do you have to lose? Thank you for bringing this program here to Longview, TX and for doing what y’all do for so many people. The whole staff at Stafford Wellness is awesome. If you would like to learn more about how you can lose weight and start feeling amazing  CLICK HERE