Before 20/30 I was struggling with fatigue, depression, IBS, kidney issues and I was the largest I’d ever been, but now…


Name: Ashley Hawes

Age: 31

Occupation: LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse)


Before 20/30 I was struggling with fatigue, depression, IBS, kidney issues and I was the largest I’d ever been. All of my clothes were too small and that made me even more depressed, and food was my comfort! I was eating out 1-2 times a day every day, and I just felt all around miserable. I had terrible insomnia on top of that!

During the first 30 days, I lost 21lbs and over 20 inches! My energy level was through the roof. My IBS symptoms disappeared and have yet to return. I began sleeping soundly through the night after the very first week! My depression slowly disappeared and my all around mental health improved greatly! I learned how to choose wisely when selecting the fuel that I put into my body, and those choices have quickly become a lifestyle change for me, not just a “diet.”

I have been in the LTYB for 5 months now and have continued to lose and maintain my weight loss. I am proud to say, I have not gained a single pound back and I’m still feeling amazing! I have more energy than I ever remember having, even in my 20’s! I sleep soundly at night and wake up refreshed every day! I have learned to love clean eating and I’m still enjoying learning about what foods my body thrives from!

I loved the structure and support within the 20/30 program! Of course, the weight loss and health benefits are great too!

If you’re skeptical about starting just bite the bullet and give it a chance! It will change your life! It’s not always easy, but it’s SO worth it if you stick with it!

I’d like to thank Aaron and Jennifer for bringing this awesome program to Longview, Texas and for helping to change so many lives! Thank you for choosing great coaches, who truly care about each and every one of us! This program has forever changed me!

If you would like to get more information on how to get started yourself please Click Here  P.S. even if your not near Longview, TX we have an online program or other facilities around the country so fill out the information and someone will be in touch Click Here