Longview, Texas Weight Loss Success: I finished the 20/30 program and I had lost 40lbs in only 30 days and…..

“Before the 20/30 program, I was the biggest I had ever been. My right knee hurt all the time, my blood sugar was borderline diabetic, I was always out of breath, I took naps almost every day, I was basically miserable. After just a weeks of doing the 20/30 program, I had already lost 17lbs!! My energy was rising, I slept better each night, my knee was hurting less often, and I was really beginning to believe that I could actually do this. By the time I finished the 20/30 program I had lost 40lbs in only 30 days! I knew if I could get a jump start in my weight loss, it would motivate me to keep at it.

Today was day 130 on the Listen to Your Body phase. I am exercising now and actually enjoy doing Jazzercise with my friends and look forward to it! My knee doesn’t ever hurt anymore, even when I’m exercising. My hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.4 to 5.7 in only 2 months. I (for the first time ever) am looking forward to my Dr. appointment next month to find out how much more my hemoglobin A1C level has dropped. I am not addicted to food anymore. It used to control me but now I have the control!!! And it feels great! I’m in this for life!!! This is not a diet; it’s a life changing program with so many more benefits than just losing weight!!!! My husband, dad, and mother in law are all doing this with me. We all have been very successful. It really helps to have a partner or support group!!! There are coaches throughout your time on the program helping you keep yourself motivated and holding you accountable. I’ve tried numerous diets for past 20 years and have never believed in a program like I do with this one.

These staff at Stafford Wellness truly care about you and love to celebrate your successes with you!!! I thank God every day for leading me to this program!!!” – Heather Shirley

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