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2030 Fast Track Longview - Amazing Results

I’ve always wanted to lose weight and find something that would work for me. I was about to the point of having weight loss surgery.

My Journey, I hope it helps you with yours! Before 2030 Fast Track Longview I was extremely overweight for about 13-14 years, tired easily when playing with my kids, usually the biggest woman in the room. I struggled with sticking with any diet/eating plan for more than a month. I’ve always wanted to lose weight…

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Local Longview, Texas Nurse Loses Weight

Local Longview, Texas Nurse Loses Weight and Comes Off All Medication

Amazing weight loss and wellness stories right here in Longview, Texas. “I’ve been on my journey with 20/30 and LTYB for over a year now. I’ve managed to lose over 65 pounds and over 65 inches. My most significant health benefit has been the absence of acid reflux. I’ve suffered from that since I was…

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How to Use the Search Feature in the fb Group to Increase Weight Loss

Hello, I wanted to show you how to use the search feature to look for recipes and other important information that will increase your chances for success and weight loss on the 20/30 Fast Track Program. Visit this link for a short 3-minute explanation on how powerful this tool can be.  It will save you time, money,…

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Longview, Texas Weight Loss Success: I finished the 20/30 program and I had lost 40lbs in only 30 days and…..

“Before the 20/30 program, I was the biggest I had ever been. My right knee hurt all the time, my blood sugar was borderline diabetic, I was always out of breath, I took naps almost every day, I was basically miserable. After just a weeks of doing the 20/30 program, I had already lost 17lbs!!…

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101 lbs. down and I’ve tried ever diet in the book for weight loss. Balancing 7 hormones changed EVERYTHING!

Randy Stafford Before 20/30 I have to admit I was in a state of denial. I weighed at least 315 lbs., probably more. I thought I was eating healthy, I thought I could lose the weight on my own, heck I even thought I was “a little heavy, but not that bad.” 20/30 helped me correct…

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My Clothes are Falling Off of Me and Here is How I Did It…

  Kenny Hurst Age: 35 Occupation: Lead man on a Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Assembly Line Before starting 20/30 I was around 390lbs. Had High blood pressure, high cholesterol and on the verge of diabetes. Lack of energy, couldn’t keep up with my kids. After completing the first 30 days I lost 45lbs and around 40″.…

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Before 20/30 I was struggling with fatigue, depression, IBS, kidney issues and I was the largest I’d ever been, but now…

Name: Ashley Hawes Age: 31 Occupation: LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse)   Before 20/30 I was struggling with fatigue, depression, IBS, kidney issues and I was the largest I’d ever been. All of my clothes were too small and that made me even more depressed, and food was my comfort! I was eating out 1-2 times…

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Working RN Loses 20 pounds and 19 inches in 30 Days

Caycee B.  Age 35 Occupation: RN My Story: Before the 20/30 Fast Track program I was so unhealthy, obese, tired, and lazy. I was seriously thinking there was no way out of the funk I had gotten myself into. After going and listening to the informational seminar I jumped on board and in 30 days…

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Weight Loss

How You Can Lose 20 lbs in 30 days

In today’s stressful world, we can show you how overcoming stress allows you to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, eliminate acid reflux, get rid of migraines and insomnia, have energy soar, and make you feel whole and fully alive. Basically, we can show you how to take your…

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